Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What to do when life happens to you

So, a few days ago, it snowed.  I have to say, it feels really weird to see the white stuff before November even starts.  We only got about half an inch, but it really felt weird.  My friends from Utah say that this is normal.  I disagree.  (Until I was about fifteen, we never got enough over in Redmond to actually stick.  Then, in two years we got about two feet of snow.  It was a real pain, especially since I couldn't really get around on a bike.  Not unless you have something like this...)

It just goes to show that life is never predictable.  Sometimes, crap happens.  Over in NYC, all the snow downed a lot of trees, and some estimates say that it will cost around 500 grand to replant new trees.  Life is not too hot over there.  (That's why there's snow.)

Why is life so hard?  If God truly cared about us, why would he let us go through such trials?

I kind of like a talk given in General Conference a few years ago.  One of the speakers asked the audience, "Would you hurt your child, and make her cry, for something she didn't do?"  He went on to say, "Of course!  When you take a child to the doctor, and give her a flu shot, your child is hurting and crying!  Why would you do something like that?"

The answer is simple.  You know why it will help your child.

In this life, sometimes we can't see the resons for the trials and the hard times.  We are like children, crying on the doctor's table.  But as we grow up, and learn from the past, we learn more about why bad things had to happen, and say, "I'm glad God was watching out for me."

To read the entire talk, go here.

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