Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life, Movies, and the Gospel: Gollum

Next, we have Gollum.  A pitiful creature, Gollum was once normal, a hobbit like any other, named Smeagol.  However, at a chance encounter with the One Ring, and attracted by it, he demanded it of his friend, Deagol.  When Deagol refused, Smeagol snapped and killed his friend.  Banished by friends and family, he becomes a shadow of what he once was.

Gollum is a simple creature, really.  He wants the One Ring, his 'precious,' his 'birthday present.'  He's completely self-centered, lying, cheating, and stealing to accomplish what he wants.

Holding him somewhat in check, later, is Smeagol, the original personality being dominated by this latter deterioration.  While Smeagol is somewhat in control, Gollum is always there in the background, trying to get his way.

Eventually, after Frodo has met Smeagol, and to a certain extent helped him out, things come to a head between Gollum and Smeagol.  Realizing that he doesn't really need Gollum anymore, the following exchange takes place.
In the same way, I think we all have a bit of this inside ourselves.  We have two desires inside ourselves.  We each have our Gollum: the base instincts, the desires to get ahead, pride, all the things that are bad.  On the other hand, we have Christ.  He lifts us up, makes us want to do better, help others, and generally be good people.  On our own, we are helpless.  However, with Christ we can do all things.

I know that through Christ, we can become perfect.  Let's get rid of Gollum.

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