Thursday, May 5, 2011

El Cinco de Mayo!

So, happy Cinco de Mayo for everyone!  Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican equivalent of the Fourth of July, is a big thing for Mexicans everywhere.  So I'm told, anyway.  I've never really seen any big parties being thrown on the 5th of May.  Maybe I'm just hanging around the wrong mexicans.

Either way, I've got some big news fresh from Salisbury.  Because of something that happened in the mission, one of the english elders serving in our congregation had to go to Philadelphia.  That means that Elder Curtis, the other english elder in our congregation will be staying with Elder Milstead and myself.  That means that we will officially be covering both areas, boarding in our old apartment.

I'm really excited about this.  It feels a bit like Christmas came way, way early.  (Then again, I'm not sure I want Christmas to come early this year, given the fact that I go home from my mission in November...)  We get a whole lot of new friends to talk to about God, and a lot of them have decided that they want to be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God.  What's more, we now actually have enough silverware and plates to go more than one meal without washing the dishes!  It's a lot of fun to get to know more.

I'm not sure how exactly this will work, since this will be a 'zebra' companionship.  (Zebra is mission slang for when one companion is assigned to speak Spanish and the other English.)  Of course, we're going to continue to study spanish in the morning, but will Elder Curtis come to language training meetings with us?  How will we teach Spanish people when Elder Curtis doesn't understand what we're saying?  Most importantly, how can we slip an habanero into his food without him noticing?

Like most things in life, this leaves me with mixed feelings.  However, most of it is excitement.  This is a good change.  What's more, this means more pictures!

Remember y'all.  Jesus is good. Satan is bad. Be like Jesus.

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